Are you feeling  unbalanced,  stressed out, or just needing an extra boost to bring yourself back into alignment?

As we continue to move through this historic time of transformation the world is currently experiencing, it can be tremendously challenging to find our inner balance. 

Sound healing is a highly effective healing tool that can help you create the inner space to find and maintain your equilibrium.  

It also facilitates healing for the body and mind, helping to bring in peace, vitality, and an increased connection to your authentic self.

Certain sound and frequency-based technologies have been scientifically shown to be a highly effective way to create healing, and I’m so grateful to be able to bring them to you now!

I am humbled to introduce to you

ONE: A Sound Healing Journey

These individual recordings offer beautifully calming, flowing musical tones that interweave ancient sound healing techniques with the most current modern sound healing technologies.

These are designed to work on the subconscious, conscious, and energetic levels of your being—transcending inner distractions and mind blocks, so that you feel balanced, rejuvenated, and ready to create your best life.

Many of my wellness and heath practitioner colleagues often include the sound healing sessions I’ve created over the years with their own offerings, to bring their clients a deeper, more effective healing experience. 

With the release of this new program, everyone can now benefit from the healing, balancing, and peaceful effects of ONE: A Sound Healing Journey. 

These sessions can be used as a kind of self-care practice to bring you into the present moment, while also helping you create your own healing experience.

What You Will Experience: A Preview

In honor of this special offer, please enjoy the following audio samples. These demonstrate the kind of supportive, healing music you'll be enjoying as you relax and listen to ONE: A Sound Healing Journey: 

(Sample 1) The Open to Love One

(Sample 2) The Zen One

These sessions are just a small preview of the many forms of nurturing, healing support that’s in store for you in these 40 healing sessions, each addressing a different aspect of your spirit’s experiences, while supporting your highest dreams and desires.

I’m Ready to Begin My Sound Healing Journey

ONE: A Sound Healing Journey is especially designed to help you:

  •  Awaken vibrant inner well-being
  •  Reduce stress
  •  Balance your emotions
  •  Reduce your anxiety
  •  Improve your mood
  •  Increase your productivity
  •  Heal your trauma response patterns
  •  Inspire your creativity
  •  Strengthen your connection to your authentic self
  •  Manifest more of what you desire to experience
  •  Thrive and prosper
  •  And much more!

ONE: A Sound Healing Journey brings together multiple sound technologies to produce a highly effective healing experience for you. 

Each session incorporates my proprietary healing technology The Core Work Method© in combination with the ancient Solfeggio frequencies, and the newest sound therapies.

Modern neuroscientists, physicists, and medical professionals have researched and concluded what our ancient ancestors knew for centuries: Specific sound waves and musical forms can heal us.

I’m Ready for My Sound Healing Journey

Within minutes of listening to Emmanuel's healing music, l was lifted to a euphoric feeling state I've only ever experienced two other times in my life. One was the day I held my son for the first time after giving birth, and the other was during a one-week healing retreat in Costa Rica. I can't believe how much peace, love, positive energy and beauty radiates from every note. I feel it every time I listen. I also love that Emmanuel's style of sound healing is melodic, and different than what you'd traditionally hear. I had my yoga teacher listen to a few of these masterpieces, and she is now playing them in her yoga classes! I have so much hope for the world, knowing that these kinds of healing tools exist to help people feel better, like this did for me.

Michelle Morris

Experience 40 Powerful Sound Healing Sessions

Each audio is only a few minutes long, so there's always time to fit at least one into your day.  

There’s no need to be in resting or in a meditative state in order to benefit from these sessions. They are designed to be effective whenever you listen—while you are meditating, doing healing work, reading, working, relaxing, sleeping, or driving. 

The recommended way to work with ONE: A Sound Healing Journey is to listen to at least one of these soothing, inspiring music sessions each day for one month. 

Though due to the peacefulness you’ll feel as you listen to these calming and encouraging pieces of music, you might choose to listen to one session after the other, which is completely fine! 

Then be mindful of the subtle and not-so-subtle inner and outer shifts that show up in your life. Express gratitude for these, as that will increase the momentum of healing for you! 

Each session has a specific title, which represents the theme and intention of that session. So, before you listen to a specific session, note the title, and set an intention to align with the vibration of it.

This will also help enhance your healing experience. 

For a fuller and more extensive healing experience, please listen with headphones or earbuds, though those these are not necessary to receive the healing benefits. 

I’m Ready to Begin My Sound Healing Journey

Here's a complete list of the sessions included in this sound healing journey:

  • The Connected One
  • The Present One
  • The Awakened One
  • The Serene One
  • The Wondrous One
  • The Liberated One
  • The Centered One
  • The Renewed One
  • The Elated One
  • The Zen One
  • The Prosperous One
  • The Radiant One
  • The Compassionate One
  • The Healed One
  • The Angelic One
  • The Nurtured One
  • The Omnipotent One
  • The Cherished One
  • The Secure One
  • The Supernatural One
  • The Flourishing One
  • The Sage One
  • The Open to Love One
  • The Intuitive One
  • The Grateful One
  • The Worthy One
  • The Soulmated One
  • The Letting Go One
  • The Well-Rested One
  • The Motivated One
  • The Alchemized One
  • The Healthy One
  • The Honored One
  • The Celebrated One
  • The Light-Filled One
  • The Creative One
  • The Self-Realized One
  • The Answered Prayer One
  • The All is Well One
  •  The Complete One
Begin Your Sound Healing Journey

I find the beautiful flow of powerful healing energies inside these melodic, flowing piano pieces to be nothing less than transformative. I felt tears of release and relief come up as I listened to “The Connected One,” as my energies flowed into those of a higher vibration, to where I found grace, forgiveness, and wholeness. I felt myself enter the living presence of Love, and the soulmate I know will come into my life, as I listened to “The Soulmated One.” Assurances of freedom, release of old baggage, and the promise of many Joys ahead met me as I listened to “The Liberated One.”  This is a priceless collection, blessed by the higher realms and our own higher selves, who so desire that we finally heal from the density experienced on a third dimensional Earth. The power of these compositions come partly from the powerful sound healing technologies inside them, and also greatly from Emmanuel’s own amazing gifts as a composer with a healing presence. I highly recommend the ONE sound healing journey for anyone seeking healing, encouragement, and restoring of life energies—the perfect support for these intense if transformational times we are in.

Caroline Oceana Ryan

About Emmanuel

Since 2005, Emmanuel Dagher has served as a holistic therapist, spiritual teacher, and healing guide. This journey has led him to help hundreds of thousands of people around the world to create a life of joy, freedom, fulfillment, and well-being.

Emmanuel is the creator of The Core Work©, a practical healing technology that helps people recognize, honor, and move beyond the physical, mental, emotional, and financial blocks that have kept them from living their best life.

Emmanuel is committed to supporting humanity during this time of great global change in a down-to-Earth, effective, relatable way. 

Colleague Testimonials

"Emmanuel Dagher is one of the kindest and gentlest souls who walks this planet. He is someone who really walks his talk, and I frequently recommend his work to people, especially to those who need help in shifting from a scarcity paradigm to an abundant one!"

Anita Moorjani

"I am truly honored to witness Emmanuel as he channels source energy through such powerful and inspiring messages that are needed in this world right now. Emmanuel is a gift of compassion and love to all that cross paths with him.  I see him as a wise soul able to bring presence and calm into any situation."

Sunny Dawn Johnston

“Emmanuel helps you redefine your relationship with money and will catapult you towards a more prosperous, joyful life.”

Jack Canfield

"Emmanuel echoes my belief that prosperity and success are an expansion of happiness."

Deepak Chopra

Begin Your Sound Healing Journey



I’m Ready for My Sound Healing Journey