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We are right in the middle of one of the greatest quantum shifts humanity has ever experienced.

As the old patriarchal systems and structures fade away, a New Earth is preparing to embrace us all.

Right now, we are in a unique void like space between the old and new, and it can feel really hard to process everything that’s going on.

Interestingly enough, this same exact void like space is where we are the most open to tapping into our Super Conscious Self, which is where our greatest potential resides.

Strengthening our connection to our Super Conscious Self helps us create and shape a brand-new reality that reflects the qualities for a bright, beautiful and prosperous existence for all of us to step into.

As hard as it may seem right now, this is the time to immerse ourselves with the healing tools to help us lay the foundations to our individual and collective New Earth.

The New Earth represents the frequency of transcendent and unconditional love, ease, and flow that have been inside every living being since the beginning of existence.

The New Earth is abundantly generous and giving to all who are willing to receive. She leaves no one behind.

The New Earth frequency is not limited to any specific planet. She is vibrating her energies throughout all of the Universe, including within every cell of our being.

There have been many civilizations throughout eons of time and space in this vast Universe that have awakened, embraced, and stepped into their collective New Earth frequency.

Now it's our turn!

The resistance we are seeing play out in the world right now comes from the collective ego-mind. It long ago agreed to build the old patriarchal system, founded on fear, greed, lack, hierarchy, control, and separation. We created it to learn what inner growth we might gain by living in a survival-based society.

For thousands of years, this system served as humanity’s default setting, giving us lots of important feedback as to what we as whole and sovereign beings do and do not desire to create more of.

Now this patriarchal system has reached its expiration date, and cannot persist much longer.

Because the old patriarchal structure has been the world’s default system for so long, as the collective ego-mind senses great change, it is doing all it can to hold onto the survival-based methods it has grown accustomed to.

Remember, the ego-mind thinks it’s doing the right thing by holding tight to what it’s always believed it needs to keep itself safe and protected. The New Earth has deep compassion, honor, and respect for the mind, because it understands this survival pattern.

Many are now increasingly realizing that the time for living in survival mode is over.

Yet most are still a bit unsure as to how to make the leap from the old ways of fear, lack, and scarcity to the New Earth forms of trust, empowerment, and abundant living.

I’ve created the Super Abundance experience to assist with this powerful transition.

It’s here to help you embrace a new way of tapping into the unlimited abundance available for you!

The days of being loyal and committed to the old patriarchal ways of living are over. That is no longer a necessary part of our evolution.

It’s time to embrace the new paths to prosperity that are emerging, founded on principles of ease, grace, and flow.

These sessions include both teaching and healing components, to help you receive a complete, practical, life-enriching experience.

During this online experience, I am grateful to have the chance to help you:

  • Embrace and connect with the New Earth, so that she manifests herself into your reality with ease and grace.
  • Identify the unique combination of factors that are keeping you stuck in a cycle of lack, scarcity, deprivation, and fear, as we untangle and dissolve your attachments to them.
  • Connect the dots between what’s happening in your psyche, in your energy field, and in your life, so that you get a full picture of what's causing your internal and external abundance to stall, and can finally know how to release those interferences … for good!
  • Magnify and expand your abundance in ways that honor your most authentic, compassionate, loving self.

I invite you to join a community of amazing hearts—from over 42 countries around the world—who have already signed up for this healing experience to bring more abundance into your daily life!

Here's What's Included:

7 Super Abundance Sessions

7 Powerful Audio Healing Sessions and Teachings to help you connect with the New Earth and the super abundance available to you now! (Each session is 50 to 60 minutes long.)

5 Action-Step Videos

5 Action-Based, Step-by-Step Videos (each 5 to 10 minutes long) designed to help you anchor the healing and teaching sessions in a simple and effective way.

Lifetime Access

All of your sessions and downloads are nicely organized for you in an area that you can easily access via your computer or mobile devices.

I'm Ready For a New Paradigm


The Healing Sessions Include:

Entering a Golden Reality of Ease, Flow, and Prosperity

Creating a New Wealth Paradigm That Honors You

Focusing on Prioritizing What Matters Most

Freeing Yourself from the Things That Weigh you Down

Expanding Your Ability to Receive and Experience Financial Abundance

Knowing Your Value and Sharing Your Gifts with the World

Thriving in a Way that Nourishes You from the Inside Out

Answering Your Questions, While We Heal and Celebrate Together! 

Begin With This 25-minute Healing Audio From Session 2: Conscious Currency For You to Enjoy!



About Emmanuel

For 15 years, Emmanuel Dagher has served as a holistic therapist, spiritual teacher, and healing guide. This journey has led him to help hundreds of thousands of people around the world to create a life of joy, freedom, fulfillment, and well-being.

Emmanuel is the founder of The Core Work©, a practical healing technology that helps people recognize, honor, and move beyond the physical, mental, emotional, and financial blocks that have kept them from living their best life.

Emmanuel is committed to supporting humanity during this time of great global change in a down-to-Earth, effective, relatable way. 

Anita Moorjani

"Emmanuel Dagher is one of the kindest and gentlest souls who walks this planet. He is someone who really walks his talk, and I frequently recommend his work to people, especially to those who need help in shifting from a scarcity paradigm to an abundant one!"

Sunny Dawn Johnston

"I am truly honored to witness Emmanuel as he channels source energy through such powerful and inspiring messages that are needed in this world right now. Emmanuel is a gift of compassion and love to all that cross paths with him.  I see him as a wise soul able to bring presence and calm into any situation."

Jack Canfield

“Emmanuel helps you redefine your relationship with money and will catapult you towards a more prosperous, joyful life.”

Deepak Chopra

"Emmanuel echoes my belief that prosperity and success are an expansion of happiness."

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