If you are a healing practitioner or are into the healing arts, this series will blow you away!

Reconnect with the infinite stream of well-being that lives within you. Allow it to flow through every cell, fiber and molecule of your physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual being. Feel the radiance and peace of your true being-ness. It has been such an honor for me to develope a paradigm shifting series that helps you soar to new heights with your healing and transformation.

  • Are you ready to experience real, lasting healing in your life?
  • Are you prepared to shift from the inside-out?
  • Have you been longing to become the YOU of your dreams?

If you're feeling an inner “YES!” resounding from your being to any of these questions, this life-changing series is here to support you. This series is a guidebook and roadmap to transforming your entire experience on this planet.

  • It is time to release the barriers in your life...
  • It is time to let go of past beliefs and limitations... 
  • And, it is time to begin experiencing true healing on a deep, tangible level, each and every day of your life!

Take advantage of overflowing wisdom, love and healing and welcome-in the deep-seated change you have been seeking.
Move into a place of ultimate repair with this special healing series and see how bright your future was designed to be.
You are ready. As you read on and discover all that this program has in store, make it personal...

Think about what you want from this life and ask yourself how things are going to change with this series as your guide. 

Get ready for the transformation of your LIFETIME. This program is a five-session intensive that literally knocks your socks off and brings you into a new state of existence. It abounds with insights, energy healing and processes that support you in attracting optimum physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

These sessions seamlessly transition from one to the next to ensure that you’re able to grow and heal as quickly as you want. AND, you can do so on your own terms.

Prepare to be amazed by how easily you benefit from the love, healing and direction you receive. The Core Work releases the common energetic and mental blocks that prevent you from living the life you truly deserve. 
Master your life and know what it’s like to hold even more:

  • Divine Remembrance
  • Divine Acceptance
  • Divine Forgiveness
  • Divine Balance

Healing in Every System of the Physical and Energetic Body


Session one dives into understanding what healing really is and how to begin your journey into ultimate healing. Allow the deep unconscious and conscious minds to remember who you really are. You are The Universe, The Spirit, and Love in physical form.

Through the first session, we will co-create a clearing of the blocks preventing you from embracing this Divine Remembrance. 
A big part of this remembrance comes from making peace with your mind and ego before creating a new, healthy relationship with this part of your Self.

Together, I will assist you in opening up and help you along every step of the way. Think of me as your patient guide with one goal: MAGNIFYING YOUR DEVELOPMENT and YOUR PROGRESS. You then discover the importance in understanding the difference between compassion and sympathy when it comes to your healing process.

An empath is someone who absorbs the energies of their environment like a sponge. If that’s you, this process ensures that you know how to choose when to support or heal your surroundings. Remember, you are the co-creator of this experience – YOU DECIDE each step.

And because there are cultural & historical misconceptions and superstitions about healing, I will support you in releasing all outdated patterns and helps you open to true healing once again. 


This session is all about the role of acceptance in your healing process. 
Acceptance doesn't always mean agreeing with or resonating with a certain person, situation or concept. It does however, allow you to embrace the uniqueness of this incredible world without trying to control or change it.

Together, we will co-create a powerful session that breaks down your resistance to fully accepting yourself, others, and all that Is. Allow him to help you dissolve the limitations trying to hold you back. 

We will gracefully move you through every part of your physical, emotional and mental bodies, then anchors you in acceptance of all parts of you.

Prepare to move into an incredibly deep level that lets you quickly shift into your core being.

Gain a deep inner knowing, understanding, and knowledge of what it means to accept. Then, watch the powerful role this wisdom will play in your healing process.


In your third session, you discover how important forgiveness really is in your healing process. 

I have created a healing protocol that supports you in releasing the blocks you may still have to truly being able to forgive yourself, others, your past, present, future timelines, INCLUDING all that Is.

When you truly forgive, you give yourself full permission to release past grudges, resentments, pride, anger, and all similar vibrations you have carried for so long. For-giving literally means giving forth to the Universe all that no longer serves your greatest good. This is the path to ultimate freedom.

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful gifts you can give your Self – especially in this healing process. 

You will also learn a revolutionary and simple process that lets you instantly forgive, once & for all. 


Session four is all about balance in your life. Did you know that a few subtle shifts can restore balance in your life and actually support you in your healing process? See the three key aspects to living a balanced life and receive an energy healing protocol for each as I help you create a more balanced life.

As a society, many of us have been taught to put ourselves last. Start to move out of this limiting mentality and progress into a new life of enhancing principles that support you in making yourself a priority.

You are a magnificent expression of Divine Inspiration. Open up to your beautiful existence and hone-in on the reality you deserve. 


In the last session of the series we co-create a beautiful reality. Send powerful energy healing to every system of your physical and energetic bodies and wake up to your full potential.

At the culmination of this revolutionary series, you feel completely TRANSFORMED and REJUVENATED
This session is your soul’s spa-day.

Take advantage of the beautiful healing processes and repair every aspect of your being ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.AND, as a little extra bonus for this session, I go through some of the most common physical ailments or imbalances and shares the root energetic cause behind them.

This provides you with a clear line-of-sight into why your body manifested the imbalance and helps you see how to quickly turn it around. Bring your BODY, MIND and SOUL back into alignment.

Start Your Healing Journey Today!




If you are a healer or would like to create more healing in your life, this program has been the one I recommend to all my friends. I was experiencing some digestive issues among some other things, and this program helped me the most. I was able to finally take better care of my body as a result of listening to these sessions, and I no longer have any digestive issues. I love all of Emmanuel's work, but this is the first one I got and started me on this new path of wholeness and well-being. I listen to these sessions every few months for a 'tune-up' and learn something new from them each time.

- Rosa Gonzalez

One day after working with Emmanuel on forgiveness during the Healer's Series, I got a phone call that has forever changed my life. I have been looking for my biological mother for over 30 years, but knew I had more forgiving to do before I could ever meet her, that's why I could never find her. I wasn't even sure if she would want to speak with me after all this time. Needless to say, it was my mother on the other line and I am still in shock. It feels good and I'm still crying with joy. Thank you.

- Megan Villagra, Los Angeles

Emmanuel has the rare, and much sought after ability to fully connect and engage with people from all nationalities and walks of life, making whomever he comes into contact with feel like they are kindred spirits who have known each other for a lifetime. This remarkable ability has escalated him to become recognized internationally as a Modern Day Mystic, Humanitarian, Transformation Specialist, accomplished Sound Alchemist and Visionary Healer for over 10 years.

Humble, authentic and committed; Emmanuel's soul inspired wisdom emanates from somewhere far beyond his years, and emboldens all to journey within to rediscover our true selves. He has dedicated his life to being of service to humanity, co creating thousands of heart centered empowering transformations by helping people remember who they are at their core, and realize their full potential as the amazing divine beings of love we all are.

Emmanuel creates epic pieces of music that have been described as 'healing masterpieces', 'otherworldly', and 'transformational'. Incorporating Solfeggio Healing Tones, Rife Frequency Healing, and Binaural Beats; Emmanuel has blended these with his very successful Core Energy Therapy Healing Protocols to bring about healing that is so deeply profound, it is almost incomprehensible as they lead into a place of total surrender.

The result of a divine collaboration with Emmanuel is greater love, personal freedom, expanded higher consciousness, and an overall sense of wellbeing. Every person who connects with Emmanuel, whether it is a neighbor, esteemed healer or world diplomat; leaves feeling fully seen, loved, and transformed after each interaction.


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